Super Nintendo World Japan's Donkey Kong Country area opens this spring

A mine cart rollercoaster includes a 'leap across a collapsed track.'

Universal Studios

Super Nintendo World Japan will soon become a hotter ticket for many fans. Universal Studios has revealed that a Donkey Kong Country area will open in Spring 2024. Nintendo and Universal (which hosts the theme park at its Osaka location) haven't shown off actual footage of the new zone yet. Instead, they opted to make the announcement with an animated trailer.

Perhaps the main attraction of the new area is a ride called Mine Cart Madness, named after the best level in the 1994 SNES game Donkey Kong Country. After being blasted out of a barrel cannon, you'll take a mine cart ride through the jungle that includes a "leap across a collapsed track."

According to Universal, fans will also be able to try a play experience that prompts them to use their whole body. Of course, food and merchandise will be available too.

Nintendo confirmed in 2021 that the Donkey Kong Country area was under construction at Universal Studios Japan. It's said to expand the overall size of Super Nintendo World by 70 percent. The new area will open to the public two years after visitors started exploring the first Mushroom Kingdom-themed zone. Meanwhile, the Orlando version of Super Nintendo World isn't expected to open until 2025.