iOS 17.2 will enable Qi2 next-gen wireless charging on iPhone 13 and 14

Qi2 chargers will match the 15W output of MagSafe-certified devices.

Photo by Richard Lai/Engadget

Apple, which usually plays safe when it comes to new standards, already surprised us with Qi2 compatibility on its iPhone 15, but it turns out that Cupertino has more up its sleeve. As spotted by 9to5Mac and some users, the release notes for iOS 17.2 RC (release candidate) state that this update adds "Qi2 charger support for all iPhone 13 models and iPhone 14 models." This means that said iPhone models should support up to 15W of wireless charging with Qi2-certified chargers, though the release notes stopped short at confirming the power specs. We'll be able to find out when iOS 17.2 rolls out for the general public — likely in a few days' time.

Until now, 15W input on these iPhone models was only possible through MagSafe-certified chargers, whereas the cheaper MagSafe-compatible ones are limited to 7.5W. With Qi2's matching performance, consumers will be offered more affordable choices when it comes to 15W wireless chargers, as manufacturers won't need to pay the Apple premium for MagSafe certification.

Qi2 was first announced at CES 2023, with its main highlight being its MagSafe-like wireless fast charging standard — even for Android devices. This uses "Magnetic Power Profile" to ensure compatibility across phones and chargers. While the output is currently capped at 15W, future iterations will "significantly" raise charging levels past 15W, according to the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium). We've been told to expect a slew of Qi2-compatible accessories — including some from Anker — arriving by the holidays, and I'm sure that it'll also become a theme at CES 2024 next month.

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