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Roku's Ultra streamer is on sale for $67

That's a $33 discount and a couple bucks lower than the price we saw on Black Friday.

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We call the Roku Ultra the best set-top box for most people in our guide to the best streaming devices, and it's now down to $67 through a new deal at Amazon. That's $33 off Roku's list price and only a little more than a dollar higher than the all-time low for this latest iteration of the streamer. Walmart has the same deal, though it doesn't have the device available for shipping as of this writing. The Ultra has been discounted to $70 at other retailers for the last couple of weeks as part of an ongoing holiday sale, but if you've been looking to pick the streamer up and didn't grab one on Black Friday, this discount lets you save a couple extra bucks.

This 33 percent discount is only a dollar more than the lowest price we've seen for Roku's top-end streaming box.

$67 at Amazon

The Ultra is Roku's highest-end streaming player, and this latest version was released in 2022. The device itself is essentially the same as the prior-generation model that arrived in 2020, but it now comes bundled with Roku's Voice Remote Pro, which upgrades the basic Roku remote with a rechargeable battery, two programmable shortcut buttons, and a headphone jack for private listening without having to use the Roku app. It also gives you the option to use the built-in mic hands-free, and if you ever lose the remote in the couch cushions, there's a built-in speaker that'll play a chime when you hit a remote finder button on the box. It does charge over an ancient microUSB port instead of USB-C, however. Beyond that, the box includes an Ethernet jack for steadier internet connections, plus a USB port for playing local media off external drives.

To be clear, while the Ultra is Roku's most fully-featured streamer, it's not necessarily its best value. That would be the Roku Streaming Stick 4K, which is the top overall pick in our guide and currently available for $28 less. The Ultra is technically more powerful in terms of processing and Wi-Fi performance, but the difference isn't huge in practice. Both devices support just about all the major streaming apps (Twitch excluded) and HDR standards, both work with Apple's AirPlay 2 protocol and both have the same app-based, easy-to-grok interface. It's also worth noting that you can buy the Voice Remote Pro separately. But if you need the Ethernet or USB ports, the Ultra is still a nice alternative to boxes like the Apple TV 4K, and this deal makes it a little cheaper than usual.

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