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Apple Watch Series 9 falls to a new low of $310

The deal takes $89 of its retail price.

Photo by Cherlynn Low / Engadget

There's something so satisfying about waiting to buy a newly released product and then seeing it go on sale. Take the Apple Watch Series 9, which debuted in September at $399 before dropping to $329 for Black Friday. If you still waited, there's good news: the Apple Watch Series 9 in (Product) Red and Storm Blue is even cheaper now, at a new all-time low of $310. The great deal comes courtesy of an eight percent discount and a $59 coupon that will activate at checkout.

It's down to an new all-time low thanks to a sale and a coupon thrown in at checkout. 

$310 at Amazon

The Apple Watch Series 9 is an excellent addition to the lineup and (potentially) to your wrist. We gave it a 92 in our review thanks to new and improved features like Double Tap and Raise To Speak. Double Tap rolled out to devices in October and works by tapping your index finger and thumb together on the same hand as your watch. This motion can complete actions like answering or ending a call and replying to a message with dictation.

Raise To Speak involves elevating your wrist to activate Siri, though, in our experience, this only works about half the time. Speaking of Siri, requests to the digital assistant now go directly through the watch instead of another one of your devices. This update means you can still ask Siri something offline or disconnected from your iPhone.

Another nice feature comes courtesy of the Apple Watch Series 9's second-generation UWB chip. Now, you can find out how many feet you are from your paired device and which direction it's in. Once you get closer than five feet, the missing device will buzz. The Series 9 is also one of Apple's first two carbon neutral products (the other is the Ultra 2).

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